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Everything you wish your high school counselor was telling you about preparing for college.

Crescent City College Consulting specializes in selecting colleges that best align with a student’s interests, strengths, and goals, along with the parent’s budget, concerns, and preferences. This helps the students succeed by ensuring that they feel comfortable, confident and are a good ‘fit’ at the college they choose. We work with students in person in the New Orleans area, as well as virtually across the country.

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College Prep Project: The Ultimate Guide to Navigating College Admissions

If you are a student or parent who needs general guidance navigating the path from high school to college, this is for you. The goal of this self-paced workbook is to help you feel more prepared and confident in the application process providing you with the best advice for choosing a major, creating a college list, and planning for the future.

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You need someone by your side, in real time, helping you understand the decisions you will have to make about your future. Someone who’s been there, done that, and has helped thousands of students before feel confident in choosing a major, deciding on schools, and understanding scholarships.

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Christen Hebert Arafeh

Founder, Director

"I strive to provide the college mentoring I wish I would have had when I was applying as an undergrad." 

Born and raised in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, Christen knows first hand the struggles associated with navigating college admissions. She used the adversities against her as a low-income, first-generation college student to fuel her desire to attend college debt-free. Her goal was to get paid to go to college, and her hard work and dedication paid off when she was awarded over $900,000 in scholarships for her own college education. She graduated with her BS in Biology from University of Holy Cross in New Orleans and is working towards her MBA at LSUS.

What Parents are Saying...

"THANK YOU Christen for an amazing experience! We walked into our first meeting with you feeling frustrated & overwhelmed and walked out feeling motivated with a game plan! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

Stephanie Jones

"Christen Arafeh had the ability to relate to my son and encouraged him to apply to colleges. You should contact her. As I was impressed with her knowledge and appreciative of her helpfulness. I recommend her abilities highly!"

Donna Gagliano

"Christen’s network of people and her wealth of knowledge has put my mind at ease as my child takes her next steps in life. There is no way we could have managed to navigate the process of FAFSA and applying to different colleges without Christen’s knowledge of this whole process."

Jerrilynn McGehee

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